Friday, June 27, 2008

Calling All Readers!! *****(Amended)

Calling all readers of this blog (and in particular, those that know me) to give me suggestions for songs to sing at my Cabaret. I know, I know, I've been talking about doing this thing for so long you probably think it isn't ever going to happen, but it is. I started rehearsing with my friend Doug two weeks ago. I need material. It is so difficult to decide what to sing and I realized how daunting a task putting together an hour of music is. So, please, Please, PLEASE give me any suggestions no matter how silly or unlike me the songs might be. I don't mind learning new songs (they do not have to be musical theatre songs), in fact two of my favorite songs are two that I learned in the last few weeks! Also, if there is something that you remember me singing that you'd like to hear again, remind me of it. I have most likely forgotten it! And most importantly, if there is a song that you think I might do well- let me know!!! There of course is the added bonus of hearing me sing it in public if I choose it and you come to see me (which of course, you most definately willl!) And thanks in advance. ***** Doug also plays guitar and he's attempting to teach me (I have claws for hands!). We really want some songs that are accompanied by guitar, so any suggestions for that would be great too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congratulations Tasha and Scott!

The Bride and Groom!

Tasha at the salon- all ready to go!

Tiffany (Maid of Honor) at the salon- she needs a little help!

Uncle Tim, Stacy (Maid of Honor), Tasha, and Aunt Carol

Enjoying a drink!

Me and my Mom dancing the night away.

Her hair turned out just fine!

Sandy (Matron of Honor) tearing it up on the dance floor.

Odelle dancing with the Bride!

Me and Tasha!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tasha's Wedding!

My cousin Tasha is getting married on Saturday! I will have new blog posts and pictures when I get back on Monday!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

You know you're tired when...

1. You use a fork to eat your yogurt because the idea of standing in front of the sink to wash the dishes makes your back hurt even more than it already does.
2. The beer you put in the freezer when you got home (because the Bodega you stopped at doesn't understand that a refrigerator is intended to keep things cold) froze all the way through because you couldn't get your ass up from the computer chair. Sitting for the first time all day is such a beautiful thing.
3. When filling out an online form you cannot remember your current zip code and you swear you still live in Manhattan even though you haven't lived there for two years (have to admit, this one happened after drinking the frozen beer, so I'm not sure it's completely fatigue's fault).
And finally...
4. You irrationally decide to write out a list of the reasons why you are tired instead of just going to bed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do you buy plastic water bottles?

Yes, I am going to proselytize for a moment. Forgive me, but are you one of the many Americans that drinks bottled water? Do you buy it in the new "Eco friendly" plastic bottles so cleverly (and uber-annoyingly) created by Poland Spring? They are NOT Eco-friendly. There is nothing Eco friendly about water that comes in plastic bottles. The reason I am bringing this up is today I watched a woman change the trash on the train platform and three empty "Eco friendly" bottles of Poland Spring crashed to the floor as she pulled the bag from the trash can. Plastic that is not recycled is NOT at all Eco-friendly. Just because they say it is 100% recyclable does not make you, the consumer, actually recycle it. Recyclable is not the same as biodegradable, folks! If it ends up in the trash it will possibly take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Look at the interesting statistics here if I haven't made you feel horrible enough for buying plastic water bottles and then throwing them in the trash. Poland Spring touts this bottle as Eco-friendly because it is made with 30% less plastic. Basically that makes the bottle lighter and therefore cheaper for them to ship- its true positive impact on the world is negligible, but it's monetary benefit to the company is huge (not to mention the fact that they somehow convinced us all it's okay to pay for drinking water). And one final point: We live in a country where tap water is good and plentiful. Why are you wasting your money on bottled water when it comes to your house for free or for a relatively low cost? Buy a water filter, attach it to your sink, put $1-$2 in a cookie jar every time you get a glass of water and watch the savings grow (by the way- reuse the same water glass all day!). And on top of that for those times that you are traveling, walking, or otherwise out of the house and jonesing for some H2O, go to and buy yourself a cool aluminum water bottle (Check out the benefits of non plastic here). Okay, now that that's out- I feel better!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ten on Tuesdays

1. It was such a beautiful weekend. It has rained so much this spring that everything is that deep color of green and the flowers all have their deepest colors out for us to see.
2. I understand the premise of Do It Yourself checkouts at grocery stores and Home Depots and the rest, but it really is not very practical and it makes me laugh to watch inexperienced people try to look for the UPC bar codes. Not to mention that when you move the wrong way the computer starts shouting at you that you have an unauthorized product in the bag. It really isn't faster unless no one is in the line ahead of you and it makes otherwise intelligent people into seemingly incompetent fools.
3. Why do we think that everything can be made simpler with technology?
4. I watched Pretty Woman with OB last night because we happened upon it while channel surfing. God, I love that movie. When I was in high school, my mom bought it on VHS and Erin and I would watch it over and over until we had it memorized. We even watched it once through so we could count the number of times that Julia Roberts makes a certain face. She purses her lips as though she is either about to kiss someone or to show you that she has big, pouty lips (I'm not sure which one), but she does it throughout the movie. I think it is a character choice that Julia made. Vivian does it when she wants to make a point or when she wants to come across as sexy.
5. Haven't we all wanted a man to come to our tower, draw his sword, and then climb to rescue us?
6. I love her response to his question. When he finally makes it up the fire escape to her he asks, "And what happens when he finally makes it to the tower to rescue her?" And Vivian answers, "She rescues him right back." Why do I love this so much? Because the stranded princess in the tower isn't hopeless and powerless, she is capable of giving the prince all that he needs as well. Brilliant- a fairy tale with a feminist side!
7. I need to start going to the gym every day- I had been doing it for a while, but I have surely gotten out of the habit.
8. I need to do some spring cleaning before spring is over.
9. My brother-in-law, Rob, is a firefighter. He went to a fire in Kent, Ohio and his pictures and the story are on the website
10. Our family was celebrating my dad's 71st birthday there the Saturday night before the restaurant caught fire.