Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. A recession is the perfect time to rediscover the library! I just checked out My Jesus Year, and already one chapter in I'm enjoying myself. And it's free!
2. I need to do laundry- tomorrow morning!
3. I love my iPhone. It is the coolest invention! And the best birthday gift!
4. I looked at the weather in Jamaica on a whim yesterday- It's been sooooo cold lately and it was 77 degrees there at 1230am. I wish I was there.
5. I am starting to have anxiety about coming up with a New Year's Resolution.
6. Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally were in town and we had breakfast together yesterday and lunch today! It is really nice to have family visit.
7. It is two weeks and a two days till Christmas!
8. I think I'm getting a Christmas tree this weekend.
9. I was so busy around my birthday that I never blogged about where OB took me to dinner. It was Ninja and it was the BEST restaurant ever!!! We had such a great time that night! Please check out the website- basically all the food are art pieces!
10. OB is my favorite.