Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My 2nd Cabaret

I know I haven't blogged in forever, but here I am! Just wanted to announce my 2nd cabaret at Don't Tell Mama's in NYC will be at 8pm on Saturday August 22! I have a few treats in store for you! My friends Shoshanna Richman and Charissa Costa will be joining me on 3 Andrew's Sisters songs. I am sure it will be a great night of live entertainment, drinking and general revelry! Just a reminder there is a two drink minimum (doesn't have to be alcohol) and a $10 cover! Can't wait to see you all in August!

Also, look here on my blog for any updates!! My website is up and running but I lost my hard drive and all my files that I made the site with. (You know how people always tell you to back up your hard drive and you don't cause you think I don't have that much stuff and my computer isn't old? Well, listen to them. Once a day I remember something else I don't have because I didn't back up my files.) If anyone knows how to reconstruct a website using the html from the site and plugging it back into Microsoft Publisher I would love the help? Oh, and there's the small problem of my new computer not coming with any valuable Microsoft programs like Publisher or Word. It came with f%$king Microsoft Works. Nobody has used that program for 15 years!! UGH!


Matt Quint said...

Sweet! I've got 8/22 on my calendar now.

How 'bout a Greenwich Village Follies shout out too ;-)

Doug said everything went great on Sunday. Break a leg tonight! (I'm probably not going to be there.)

Ruby Badcoe said...

Dang! So sorry to hear that your hard drive crashed and took all the website data along with it! You can always ask for help from online data recovery companies. They specialize in finding and restoring files that were deleted or lost because of an unfortunate event. You might also want to consider storing some of those files in online file storages, just in case your hard drive crashes again. You could also access those files from other computers, so you can update or reformat your website from any computer.