Sunday, November 4, 2007

18 Days till 30- 1989

So this was a good year. I had Mr. Heid for my fifth grade teacher and I thought he was great. I also met my best friend Erin this year. The school district was remapped before school started and Erin and also my friend Jackie were redistricted to Indian Trail. What was really cool was Erin didn't live all that far from me. The only problem was that I had to cross Graham Road to get to her building. Erin's mom Janet was awesome too and I was always over there or Erin would come over to my house. I remember being very nervous for the start of sixth grade because we had to wait to find out if we would be on the same team. We ended up on different teams. Erin and Jackie were together, but I was on my own. The end of fifth grade was fun. Mr. Heid made it possible for us to put together a musical during the school day. It was somehow worked into our History and English lessons. It was called Let George Do It! I played Betsey Ross and the third narrarator. I loved it and it was a great way to end elementary school.

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